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Pump Adjustment Kit / Desa PP217

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Replaces OEM Part Number:
  • Desa HA3020
  • Desa PP217
Fits Model(s): Desa C35, C35A, C35B, C50D, C50E, C50F, C100D,C100E, C100F, C150D, C150E, C150F; Knipco F30, F50, F50A, F50D, F50E, F50S, F50F, F50G,F65, F65D, F66D, F110, F110D, F110E, F110F,F110G, G110H, G140, F140D, F150, F150D,F150E, F150S, F150G, F150H; Koehring K30, K50, K50A, K100, K100A, K150; Master B30, B50, B50A, B50B, B50D, B50E, B50F, B50G,G50H, B65, B65D, B66D, B70B, B70BT, B100A,B100B, B100D, B100G, B110, B140, B140D, B150,B150A, B150B, B150C, B150D, B150F, B150FT,B150G, B150GT, B165; Reddy R30, R35, R35A, R35BR50, R50A, R50B, R55,R55A, R7R70B, R70AT, R70BT, R70CT, R100,R100A, R100B, R110, R150, R150A, R150AT,R150B, R150T, R150D, R155, R165, M30, M50,M50A, M50D, M50S, M65, M65D, M66D, M88, M85,M85D, M100, M100D, M150D, M150S; Remington REM35, REM35A, REM50, REM50A, REM50B, REM50W,REM50AW, REM55, REM55A, REM100, REM100A,REM110, REM150, REM150A, REM150B, REM165
Stens Part Number: 040-074
Includes the following items:
Pressure adjusting screw

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